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AOL's Presidential Match...

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This one as much as tells you who to vote for. It was more interesting when it included the Democratic Primary contenders. AOL's Presidential Match Oddly, this time it ranked Kerry 1st (54%), Bush 2nd (46%) & Kucinich 3rd (46%). That was… more »

9-11 Commission Hearings available free at iTMS

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I almost forgot...Apple & Audible are offering recordings of the 9-11 Comission Hearings free on the iTunes Music Store. Of course this link requires iTunes... Here they are! Of course Spymac'ers will probably already know this, but others might… more »

The Worlds Smallest Political quiz...

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Here's another. This one is linked to by the Libertarian Party, but is actually hosted by a Libertarian group called Advocates for Self-Government. Here is the quiz. And, as I suspected, I'm a Libertarian... My Personal issues Score is 60%. My… more »

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I've come across some Political surveys that gauge where you stand based on how you answer certain questions. Some are humorous, some serious. I thought I'd answer a few and post the results... The first one is This is most certainly… more »


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I thought since I'm trying to be all political, I should give an idea of my influences. Queer - yup, I'm gay...that has a pretty big influence on at least some of my politics. Son of a Veteran - and I grew up around Veterans, going to Veteran's… more »

Election Year...

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Well, since it is an election year, I thought I'd try my had at being a pundit wannabe. The goal is to put my thoughts down here, and possibly add some other pages containing interesting Political info... We'll see how it goes. more »
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