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AIDS Awareness Marketing

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We need these. The imagery is amazing. I also like that they are not homo-centric or hetero-centric. Unless you are an arachnid expert, there is no telling what sex the spider or scorpion is. Brilliant. Boy Central Posting Original forum linked from… more »

Newsflash: unsanitary computers spread disease in hospitals!

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As an IT professional whose first job was in a hospital, my immediate response is: DUH! It's amazing what we have to spend money to study what should be common sense. Having worked in hospitals, I can attest that nurses stations tend to be downright… more »

QoTD -- Sir James Goldsmith

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The trouble with marrying your mistress is that you create a job vacancy. -- Sir James Goldsmith more »

Will the madness never cease?!?!?

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A headline from PalmInfoCenter today reads: palmOne Acquires Rights to Palm Brand & Name Confused? Well, don't be. It seems when Palm, Inc. split into PalmSource (software) and PalmOne (hardware) there was also a 3rd company. The Palm Trademark… more »

Textbook funny...

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This just cracked me up & I had to share... I am currently taking a Java class (Computer Science I @ UTD) & this was one of the tips in the textbook (Y. Daniel Liang's Introduction to Java Programming, 5th ed): Tip Avoid using abbreviation… more »

Good Free Music, by a cute guy...

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Another cute, teenaged, white boy has the blues. His name is Kyle Riabko & he is the iTMS Single of the Week artist. I listened to the previews & downloaded the freebie...he's pretty good. I think I'm going to buy the album. It's a bit funny… more »

Anti-Gay Phone Company?

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According to this article which appeared in The New York Sun on 10-May-2005, there is a phone company called United American Technologies based in Oklahoma (big shock) that works with conservative christian non-profits to market their services. It seems… more »
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