Archives for: August 2005

Letter to Dr. Laura - Why can't I own a Canadian?

Queeriosities, Politics 1 feedback »
I'm sure everyone has probably read this, but it covers almost all the bases & does so hysterically... Letter to Dr. Laura - Why can't I own a Canadian? more »

A message to the Spymac Admins...

.Various, Queeriosities, Photography 10 feedbacks »
I just sent this email: Well, I just noticed that one of my gallery images was changed to private. Without informing me. What's the deal? I have no Note, no email, just someone I know telling me they couldn't see the image. So, I checked, 'nope still… more »

Aardvark - My Current Favorite Firefox Extension

Geekdom Send feedback »
This is a very cool tool / toy. From their website: The Aardvark Firefox extension is a tool for web developers/designers as well as casual users. Doesn't sound like much, just the standard 'this is a tool for web developers' tag line. However, down the… more »
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