Archives for: November 2005

Your IP was logged... (Should I be scared?)

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Lovely. A new way to spread viruses. Damn I'm glad I use a Mac. From: Date: November 29, 2005 5:23:43 AM CST To: Subject: Your IP was logged Dear Sir/Madam, we have logged your IP-address on more than 30 illegal… more »

Happy Birthday to Me!

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Perusing the logs...

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I was perusing my logs & looking @ the referrers as geeks like me are wont to do, and came across some interesting blogs. Someone who was reading An Army of 1 in 10 apparently clicked my link from the Spectrum Bloggers Blogroll on his links page.… more »

The first pic...

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Well, here it is. My mother gave me a hard time because I never upload the pictures I take, so the first pic I took with the SD30 was of her & Tony, my step-dad. I told her I'd make them famous by posting them on my blog. They weren't exactly… more »

Solvent Pensions...

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Perhaps GM & the Airlines should consider this. more »

In God's Image...

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You gotta love Jason. more »

Well, I finally did it...

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It was time to finally replace the 1st Gen 10GB iPod. Qty Ordered Items Part No. Est. Shipping Unit Price Ext. Price 1 iPod 60GB personalized - White… more »
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