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Happy New Year!

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No Christmas for You...

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This is hysterical. I agree with it just about 100%, even though I'm a big ol' honkin' atheist. So I had to share. NO CHRISTMAS FOR YOU! more »

Happy Christmas (part deux)!

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Happy Christmas! And wishes of a Happy & Prosperous 2006! more »

Happy Christmas!

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Maybe next year...

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I kinda like it. more »

VEEP's iPod takes precedence over reporters...

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I came across this on iPodNN this evening. Apparently on a recent flight on Air Force Two, Vice President Dick Cheney's iPod was plugged into one of the plane's only working power outlets. This was to the frustration of the reporters on board that… more »

184 Unread messages...

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That's actually better than I thought. Only 184 emails @ work upon my return. more »
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