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I'm a band...

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I got an odd MySpace friend request today. It was from me. Sort of. It turns out there is a band called Mr. Scott Cook out of Little Rock, Arkansas and they're actually pretty good. Maybe if they become a hit, I can get royalties, since I'm pretty sure… more »


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I made a virtual Clarence...sort of. adopt your own virtual pet! more »

Delicious blogging...

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So, I was looking @ Delicious Library again (no, I haven't bought it yet, I would really like a 'last read' date field first) again & happened to look @ the Company page. It turns out both of the guys that started the company have blogs. So I read… more »

Fat kids...

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I ran across this while flipping through some blogs today. If you Can't Parent, Sue. His last paragraph really says it all: The advertisers have a job to do. They are paid to make people want to buy their products. Parents have a job also. Parents have… more »

Save the Dragon!

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Damn Interstates! & Politicians. From the Smoky Mountain News: The interstate was proposed by Georgia?s congressmen as a way to improve commerce of their state and relieve congestion in Atlanta by allowing cross-country interstate traffic to… more »

MiniStore Revisited...

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It looks like Apple listens. If you follow my blog, you'll remember my post about the iTunes MiniStore Paranoia. Well, it looks like Apple listened to the uproar, cos when I fired up iTunes to sync up my iPod tonite, I saw this: more »

I think I want one of these...

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It's an Audi Coupe GT. This particular one is a 1984. It was the 'affordable' little brother to the original Audi quattro Rally car (the UrQuattro). It's supposed to be a nice handling little car. Of course with the 110hp 2.2L inline 5 cylinder, the… more »
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