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  1. § Stephen said on :

    Yikes!! Did you get them off?

  2. § Will said on :

    You know, I bought some of those for my wife recently and we ran into the exact situation on her car. and no, we NEVER got them off. They had to be cut off.

  3. § John McAuley   said on :

    I have the same problem with the McGard product. It is pure junk. If I can get the dam things off, I will never put them back on. The dealer replaced 3 sets because the key broke. Now I am on my own because the car is out of warantee.
    Simply not worth a dime.

  4. § maxhedrm®   said on :

    I finally had the tire store remove them. They used a bolt out with their air gun.

  5. § sean   said on :
    5 stars

    I HAVE THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM! STUPID DESIGN OF THE KEYS! i went through 3 keys already b/c it was over tightened when i got my car serviced. I could blame the service shop but its the stupid key! The design inside the key got all screwed up! you would think they would make that stupid key thicker and sturdy, to have more contact. Cost me 15 bucks every time to get a new key. GRRR! once i get these off, i’m sticking to regular lug nuts!

  6. § jarvic   said on :
    5 stars

    I am a mechanic at a service station. We are constantly having problems with these locks. They are GARBAGE. If we aren’t spending more time looking through the car for the stupid key than changing tires, they are breaking. We got taken to court once because “we” broke his crappy wheel locks. Now if we can’t find the key and can’t contact the customer we either don’t bother with the car or we take off the locks (I have a special tool now lol) and throw them away if the car has steel wheels.

  7. § ROBERT MCM   said on :
    1 stars

    Yes, I have just had the same problem.
    Put on three brand new nuts, cost me $50, first three no problem, last one sheared and broke the key. I installed them by hand with a ratchet wrench, did not over tighten. I am beginning to believe that these nut are indeed garbage.I am now going to have to pay my local Canadian Tire store around $50 (half hour labour) for to have them removed. The store is going to give me anothe set in exchange, but I am a bit wary about putting them on. Dont trust them anymore. I am going to email McGard with a complaint.

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