Archives for: February 2006

Smartfilter begone...

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It seems that Secure Computing's Smartfilter isn't so smart. I ran across this on WWdN in a post about a grilled cheese sandwich. So basically, it turns out that BoingBoing is blocked by Smartfilter which means that you can't get to it from several… more »

Puppy Update 2...

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Well, we went to the Vet. It turns out that the sedative (Acepromazine) I had for Clarence is known to increase the odds of seizure and is not given to dogs with a history of epilepsy. While Clarence had no previous epileptic history, the doc thinks… more »


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So I was listening to The World's Technology Podcast the other day and he talked about this group called LibriVox that was working on making free AudioBooks out of literary works that were in the public domain, such as those from Project Gutenberg. It… more »

Puppy Update...

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Well...we took about a 2 or 3 hour nap after he laid in my lap for about an hour & a half. I could tell he was stressed, cos he laid by me the whole time. his balance was also all kinds of messed up after laying down for a while. It improves after… more »

Poor puppy...

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Clarence just had a seizure. The cable followup guy came to the door & Clarence got all excited, but as I opened the door, he fell over. I picked him up & carried him back toward the kitchen, by then he was able to stand up & get around,… more »

Happy Birthday Steve!

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So, Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple is 51 today. Happy Birthday to our favorite control freak CEO. iCard courtesy of .Mac more »


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I was thinking about it this morning & realized that I tell very little to anyone. Jonas probably knows more about me & what goes on in my head & my life in general than anyone else ... but then he pretty much lived with me for a year &… more »
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