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2007 TT in Living Color...

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...sort of. They added some (over)stylized color sketches to the screen saver this week. 2007 Audi TT revealed... More 2007 TT revelations... 2007 TT Interior revelation... more »

The psychic iPod...

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Well, after I told it to reshuffle it was at least. When I got in the car, it started with Jimmy Olsen's Blues by the Spin Doctors. Nice choice. But then it went on to some other crap, so I went back to the main menu & hit Shuffle. Then it played:… more »

Amazing panorama...

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I hadn't wandered over to Mike Matas' blog in a while, which is ok, cos he hasn't posted in a while. But I was perusing my logs again & saw some links from his blog to mine (from the trackback from my previous post), so I thought I would take a… more »

UTD Sucks!

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GRRRRRR So, it's about that time again. Time to plan & register for Summer & Fall. So I pull out my degree plan. Fire up the browser. Head on over to Wanna know what I found? For Summer & Fall there are a whole 2 courses in… more »

Million For Marriage...

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Online petitions are generally meaningless since they are so easy to fake, but it makes people feel like they are doing something, so more power to them. The HRC has a petition for marriage up. I'm sure it's been going on for ages, but I just came… more »

Radio host fired for oops...

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What a surprise. I was listening to Jerry Doyle's talk radio show tonite on my way home from work. Usually he annoys me, but once I heard a bit of the topic, I decided to keep listening. It turns out there was this radio host on a station in St. Louis… more »

2007 TT Interior revelation...

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The screen saver revealed another sketch today... 2007 Audi TT revealed... More 2007 TT revelations... more »
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