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The Journey to Wild Divine...

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I found this on Nick Beyeler's site. James had linked to his site cos he's hot. Which is true. He's some kind of World Aerobics Champion. Whatever that means. Anyway... The Journey to Wild Divine is a new-agey 'game' that uses biofeedback gathered via… more »


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Well, was getting sick of the comment spam I was getting (I have collected 1026 as of this posting), so I decided to do a bit of research & see if I could break my blog. One of the things that inspired it was a blog-spam that suggested I add a… more »


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Bugatti Configurator more »

Biological Footprint

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Uh-oh ... if everyone lived like me we'd need 5.4 planets. I was bored so I decided to wander around some of the Earth Day links on that Google search page they provided yesterday. This was the first one I clicked. I'm such a consumer. Though it is… more »

Happy Earth Day!

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I ran across these in ActiveHome, a home entertainment technology magazine from the UK. My first reaction was 'why would you need your ipod in your boxers?' But having thought about it a bit more I can see how it would be pretty handy. They'd be great… more »

RHCP + iTunes = Interesting Promo...

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I haven't seen the iTMS do this before. Basically if you preorder the The Red Hot Chili Peppers? new album, Stadium Arcadium, you automatically receive the new single, ?Dani California," get access to pre-sale tickets for the RHCP's upcoming tour… more »
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