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OK, this is a little weird. You may have noticed my link to Woot! over there in the Wanderings list. Well, I wandered over there this morning & there was a link in their current listing to Wine.Woot! In case you aren't familiar, Woot! is a site that… more »

Daimh's new horse...

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One of the reasons I've been a bit less active lately... 90 Gold takes a while to save up. more »

QotD - Fortune Cookie

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Again ... not a quote, but funny. I got this last night @ the pizza place of all places. They don't know me very well, do they? You will make money and be able to hold on to it. Though I suppose it doesn't say for how long. more »

Steve Jobs on the new Fifth Avenue Apple Store...

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Stephen sent this to me in an IM & I just now got around to watching it. My first impression? Wow, is she an idiot. I'm not sure she could spell Apple. & an iPod shuffle? If you are talking to the CEO of a company, lie. She could at least have… more »

SPAM-be-gone update

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Well, it worked. Mostly. All I've gotten in the week & a half since my anti-SPAM implementation has been about 27 trackback SPAMs. So I guess that is next. That may be more difficult though. more »

OK, another 'mac-actor' update...

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Obsessed much? This is the last one, I promise. Well, maybe not promise, but I'll try to be better. Anyway, I found a couple things (at least according to this interview): He wears "Briefs. Occasionally boxers." He likes playing nerds cos he… more »

Knitta, Please...

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OK, this is just too weird. ReadyMade Magazine had this in a recent blog posting. It's this group of people that 'tag' things with knitted graffiti. Just strange. Here's a little sample from their tag gallery: Knitta, Please more »
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