Archives for: July 2006

FILM 2332 - Test 2

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101 / 100 Yippee! more »


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*drool* I saw the trailer for this pilot a while back. It looks like the show wasn't picked up. But I think I might actually buy it from iTunes. It sounded interesting, & even if it isn't it should be worth it for the eye candy. Aquaman -… more »

Christmas Shopping?

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OK, I can't resist, some of these are actually cute. I'll have to keep this URL away from Brenda and Craig though, or they might order the entire inventory. I started out looking at their solar yard lights and saw a few I liked. The nice simple $10… more »

QoTD ? Pablo Picasso

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Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. — Pablo Picasso more »


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Came across this site today on a referral website I'm a member of. It's called Rentalo. While I don't really get the name, the site looks pretty useful. They have listings of B&Bs, small & large hotels & even short term apartments around the… more »

Tailless Meeses...

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I've been waiting for one of these. As most Apple Geeks are probably aware, Apple released the wireless Mighty Mouse this week. As an added bonus it's a laser mouse, rather than an LED mouse. Pretty cool. I might just have to order one & the… more »

QoTD ? Dolly Parton

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If I hadn't been a woman, I'd have been a drag queen. — Dolly Parton I thought she was. more »
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