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  1. § Ray said on :

    I just saw this trailer before Superman Returns today. I remember thinking to myself that it seemed like a good premise for a movie, but it didn’t look very promising.

  2. § maxhedrm®   said on :

    Fortunately, for this genre, it doesn’t have to be good, just funny.

  3. § erin said on :

    funnyest movive ever

  4. § ain said on :

    the story aren’t as funny as i expected when i watched the preview in television…it is funny but it didn’t make me laugh whole heartedly..i’m not satisfied.. i won’t watch it if i could turn back the time..

  5. § Tina said on :

    Wow, I just watched this movie, I know it has been out for awhile. But wow this is a very good movie. I laughed my ass off through the whole movie. Actually a pretty good idea for a movie! Loved it! I hope there is a second one. I haven’t laughed that much at a movie for awhile. If people think that this isn’t a funny or good movie they are wrong.

  6. § Ashley said on :

    I love this movie and the school! Can I go? I wish it was a really school! I’m scared to death about college and that would be cool if I knew there was a place to go if i didn’t make it… lol.

  7. § Sylvie said on :

    Hey! I LOVED The movie ACCEPTED!!!! Its a really great movie!! You guys did an AWSOME job!!! I wish there was a real college like that!! Its Awsome!!!! And Justin Long is FUCKING HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. § Om Shah said on :

    Wow!!Amazing movie. every one must watch it. kids for future and parents for their kids’ future. decent and cool movie. Yo Bartleby and Monica…you guys r best.

  9. § SweetLeen said on :

    weLL! this movie is reaLLy greAt!! i lovE it!! roCk oN!! SHIT heads!! hehehe,….
    i waNna roCk!! yOu knoW n’roLL!!

  10. § Angel [Visitor] said on :

    I am in the middle of watching Accepted for the 3rd time in a row. It is not so much that this movie is funny (and it is) but I find it inventive, creative, IT IS THE SHIT!!!!!! It is one of those things that I, personally, have always wanted to do, create a school centered around the student. Many things can be learned from this movie. It is some straight up fun!!!

    Some of the actors seem to be a little under practiced but that is to be expected with a movie of this kind (It doesn’t really take anything away from the quality of the movie though). I have, and am, thoroughly enjoying this move and I highly recommend it. I give it 4.5 of 5 Stars

  11. § matt said on :

    this movie is awsome and i love it and my girl friend

  12. § Tessa said on :

    If only schools could really be more like that…not that extreme, maybe, but still…wouldn’t we all do a little better in our lives if we were asked “what do WE want to learn?” instead of having the school system tell us?!! I mean, a lot of jobs don’t require college, including writing a novel (which is what I’m planning on doing), but most of us (including me) still want to go to college. It sounds crazy, but I really enjoyed this movie - it was inspiring and hilarious all at once!!!

  13. § emme said on :

    hey dude,

    i love your movie!!!

  14. § rez morris said on :

    it was good..but highly improbable…which kind of takes the fun out of it…our education system isnt remotely liberal enough…and infact,shouldnt be so, to even considering a sham of an institute as such even a probationary accreditation!….its proposterous…
    …funny movie though…and at the end of the day,that is what it is..a movie!

  15. § bob said on :

    think u all are a bunch of computer fags

  16. § maxhedrm®   said on :

    Heheh. Bob, that’s very amusing coming from someone who found this post by searching for “is south harmon institute of technology real” on google.

  17. § Donny said on :

    This movie was so ill! I was constantly laughin, an Justin Long (the dude with the sign) did a great job. If you stopped laughing for a minute, the philosophy behind SHIT is really deep. College should be a no-brainer for everybody. But not everyone can go to college, and not everyone can get accepted. So what about them? There really should be a SHIT. An I know I’d transfer in a heartbeat!


  18. § Percy   said on :

    If you watch the credits at the very end its got a spot thanking the students of south harmon institue of technology, Los Angles medical department, and one other thing.

  19. § Allan   said on :

    It’s good to see it was so well received. If a court jester could make fun of the king to call attention to a problem there is no reason a funny movie can’t have a serious message. Industrial age schools are screwed up.

    enjoyed it.

  20. § Huber   said on :

    This movie was hilarious and this guy at the top of the page(^) reminds me of a young Vince Vaughn. I can’t wait til his next movie.

  21. § KEVIN   said on :

    SOUTH HARMON DOES EXIST!!!!!!!!! Check out this! GOOGLE: BASTIET!

    The movie IS great! BUT this school should be a choice! The educational system as it is SUCKS!
    This movie gets that point across very effectively. ANYONE who has attended college knows that feeling of sitting and listening to a mindless lecture that rambles on and on, JUST IMAGINE THE DIFFERENCE if you were attentively listening to something you had a great interest in that WOULD ACTUALLY BE USEFUL TO YOU!


  22. § Allan said on :

    I think you might have meant: Google Bastiat.

  23. § Heather   said on :
    5 stars

    I just applied, interviewed, and got rejected to a very competitive graduate program. After spending so much time and money and working so hard it is frustrating to be barricaded by a bunch of suits. A graduate school for shit heads like me would make a nice second movie.

  24. § eric long   said on :
    5 stars

    me and my girlfriend saw the movie and would love to go to a school like that. it should be opened. a bunch of us should band together and open a school like this, just like in the movie.

  25. § melissa   said on :

    this movie rules. if there was a school like s.h.i.t then i’d go there. no homework and no teachers, who wouldn’t want to go there?

  26. § Aaron Amos   said on :
    5 stars


  27. § Aaron Amos   said on :
    5 stars


  28. § kyle oliver   said on :
    4 stars


  29. § John Patrick Ibanez   said on :
    5 stars

    do you accept for transfer in the next semester?

  30. § Ashley Woods   said on :
    5 stars

    Is this a real collenge???????

  31. § maxhedrm®   said on :

    Ashley, you’re kidding, right? It was a MOVIE. :^P

  32. § Anoynomous   said on :
    5 stars

    actually South Harmon Institute of Technology is a school located in Canada. It’s a school for radio and TV Broadcasting and Journalism. Although is nothing like the movie. It was funny to see a similar logo and campus. The building in the movie, actually resembled one on campus.

  33. § rockelangelo® said on :
    5 stars


  34. § LEPHUQUOC   said on :
    2 stars

    haha!!i saw this movie 10 times, it’s a great college but……. in dream, and in movie, Justin Long, i like your girl friend (in movie),haha, i hope to see u in part 2

  35. § tara_xo   said on :
    5 stars

    i recorded this movie through my DVR box because i thought it was a different movie so i basically saw this movie by accident, not by choice cause i really had no interest in ever seeing it but i LOVE this movie!!! i recommend anyone who HASNT seen it, to please rent it or look for it on tv! you wont be disappointed i promise! my boyfriend even liked it and we have 2 TOTALLY dif tastes in movies, so i guess thats how you know this is a movie EVERYONE’LL be sure to love!

  36. § Carly Touchstone   said on :
    5 stars

    Loved it! The movie brings up many good points about the purposes of education. It was fun and educational.

  37. § IceKat said on :
    5 stars

    I love this movie. A friend told me about it and it rocks. I’d totally go there!
    I was sad to read about the horrible reviews and here in Aus it went straight to DVD but I have no idea why. It was really funny and I watched it twice in a row. Only thing that bugged me was figuring out why Justin Long looked so familiar. Duh. He’s the mac ad guy. Now I’m totally happy.
    Great movie! High recommendation.

  38. § Taylor Barrett   said on :
    4 stars

    i really want to go to south harmon

  39. § Amber   said on :

    Funny thing is that my high school was kind of like South Harmon. I went to a charter school so it was very liberal, and we had a lot of control on what we learned not to this extent, but like it. And we also had to fight to keep our school open, when I was a freshman, because people didn’t like the freedom we had.

  40. § Gareth morgan   said on :
    5 stars

    this movie is really funny i throughly enjoyed it, someone should definately open a south harmon institute of technology as i would definately go

  41. § Hugo   said on :
    4 stars

    This movie is the coolest and pretty funny

  42. § Jordan   said on :
    5 stars

    Awesome movie, I don’t care what others think. It was amazing!

  43. § angel_eyes_101®   said on :
    3 stars

    i would do anything to go to S.H.I.T.

  44. § SAS-Corp   said on :
    5 stars

    That movie was great!
    Kind of heart opening and a bit unorthodox…
    But still…
    I wanna be a Shithead!

  45. § marc turner   said on :
    5 stars

    South Harmon Institute of Technology sounds like a cool school

  46. § BrauneSuga   said on :
    5 stars

    Just watching this movie again and felt it was heartwarming. It embodies alternative learning styles and epitomized critical pedagogy. I have a PhD and would like for my classes to be more hands on but unfortunately, I am constrained by the politics of higher education. Tomorrow, I intend to start using some “unorthodox” methods of education!

  47. § Alison   said on :
    5 stars

    OMGJustin Long is Hotttttttttttttt

  48. § Ben   said on :
    5 stars

    Brilliant film, really enjoyed it. Had its funny moments and had a good message to it. At the end of the day, whats wrong with learning what you want to learn without being dictated to about what you “should” be.

    Whats with the National Kick Out The Brits Day lol, good think im in the UK so I cant get kicked out! =P

  49. § Jon Clark   said on :
    5 stars

    Im a shithead so im down to rep Shit

  50. § Aaron   said on :
    5 stars

    I love this movie! I like the part when their in the mental hospital.shrader screams lika a 3rd grade girl!

  51. § Off Limit   said on :
    5 stars

    This Movie Was The Best!! I Wish These Are The Schools today!! I Wanna be a SHIThead. I also loved american pie beta house. i wish that sumday schools would be like that. and I Will pay 4 the 4 semesters in advance!!! NICE MOVIE anyway. just hoping there is S.H.I.T. around the world!!

  52. § clinton chase   said on :
    5 stars

    Im a shit head for life

  53. § tedieboy   said on :
    5 stars

    i loved the movie and i opened a movement like that called black IQ
    and its social movement DouG

  54. § bayleigh   said on :
    4 stars

    the movie based on this is cool as
    playgirllove, glogsta

  55. § stefan   said on :
    5 stars

    I have a new favourite film after seeing this one. It’s hillarious I luaghed so hard I started to cough and cry at a few points!!!

    Best film of its kind!!!

  56. § Diana   said on :
    4 stars

    i don’t have too much feeling about it; but any way it deserves my attention.

  57. § akila   said on :
    5 stars

    I like the college very,especially your lecture in the court.I am a college student from China .I think our chinese colleges lack of the spirit in the movie.Again ,you are excellent!

  58. § charlotte   said on :
    5 stars

    def an “out of the norm” movie as far as the college scene goes. being a college student myself i have to say if there was a place like this i would transfer in a heartbeat! a lot of truths in this video punctuated by lots of laughs is what i got out of it. a must-see for those in or graduates of college

  59. § hariz said on :
    5 stars

    this story is fucking SHIT…i like it.the way your create the colleague is fun,awesome.this is brand new story for teenagers among the world.i wish this institution is real,cause i want to be there someday!

  60. § himanshu   said on :
    4 stars

    muvi was nt dat funny though bt showed harsh truth 4 d weaker students excellently……myself being a b.tech student from india feels “yeah man, i don give a shit about it”

  61. § bit   said on :
    5 stars

    Can we project any Plan like that in China? It’s so interesting.
    But will it be possible, or if possible, will it last long? I doubt.

  62. § steve neely   said on :
    5 stars

    This school is real. It exists already. I have been enrolled in a non traditional, informal graduate program for the last 6 years and my doctoral work is centered around winning a muti-millon dollar lottery jackpot. My curriculum has involved weight lifting, music, martial arts, tennis, baseball, basketball, cooking, skateboarding, poetry, song writing, knowing thyself, sorcery, fashion, physics, philosophy, loving, and the list goes on.

    The school exists within, and when I complete my “phd” the school will exist on the outside as “The Renaissance Institute of People near Pacifica Y’all” T.R.I.P.P.Y

  63. § tania   said on :
    5 stars

    this movie is veryyy cool i loved it but i loved more the fuckin school and is wierd because i really dont like going to school xD soo yeh i wishh there was a school like that i will totaly do in that school :) well Cya guys and pleas built that awesome school pleas….!!

  64. § freddy omar villamizar maldonado   said on :
    4 stars

    esta pelicula realmente es buena sobre todo ese q dice preguntame por mi salchicha y la idea de crear una nueva escuela donde acepten a todos by what live the rock yea

  65. § Dean Martins   said on :

    I am watching it right now.

  66. § shen   said on :
    5 stars

    haha…this movie is so cool..just watching it,,,,

  67. § sam   said on :
    5 stars

    The movie is pretty awesome love it!!!

  68. § ken   said on :
    5 stars

    its cool if theres a college like that..

  69. § arol veloso   said on :
    5 stars

    amazing movie, i just watched it on tv now and i got surprised

  70. § ag   said on :
    5 stars

    please accept me………………… please………….^^

  71. § ayodeji olawumi   said on :
    5 stars

    dis movie is off d hook and i feel like enrolling, but d SHIT doesn’t exist

  72. § Bruce   said on :
    5 stars

    Hi Every1 i just watched this movie on youtube and 1 i wish there had been a collage like this for real and 2 is this move out on dvd or blue ray becaues its a good movie 5 stars :)

  73. § Gonzalo   said on :
    5 stars

    Hola que tal esa escuela esta genial me encantaria ir ;)

  74. § Rani   said on :
    5 stars

    I’m going to a college just like this . . . . even if I have to make it myself.

  75. § Damian   said on :
    4 stars

    Waoo que padre esta esa pelicula… Y pz la escuela me gustaría conocerla

  76. § Anna   said on :
    5 stars

    AMAZING movie.

  77. § Corinne   said on :

    Watching it on abc family I wish there was a collage like this

  78. § Bléu Sampair   said on :
    5 stars

    I just watched this for the 100th time. I wish there really was a college like this.

  79. § stishie2007   said on :
    5 stars

    this is a SHIT movie….i love it, especially the part where the CEO is asked to produce a faculty…..this is a gud movie. i am givin it 100% of 100%…big up to the producers…i only saw this movie last month. but i have watched it more than 10x though

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