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Coming Soon...

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Woohoo ... a new version of b2evo (my blog platform) is almost ready for primetime. So, I think I'll be testing it a bit. The fun part will be getting all my hacks to work in the new code. :/ Wish me luck! more »

More Cleaning Hunks...

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Woohoo ... there are 2 more Cleaning Hunks. I'd definitely pay one of these guys to clean my house. I think I still like the original best, but Jason's not bad either. Though he doesn't sound much like a Jason. Maybe a Raul or Javier or something, but… more »

Slacker Astronomy

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So, I'm finally getting around to doing a podcast review, like I promised about 6 months ago. Slacker Astronomy is a "Podcast for fun, for you, for the voices in our heads". Or at least that's their tagline. Really it's an interesting little podcast… more »

Virtual Coupon Clipping...

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This could be handy. It appears to be something of an online coupon clearing house. There are a couple others of these I've stumbled across out there, but the more the merrier. I just hope I remember about it next time I want to buy something @ Amazon… more »


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World's largest high-definition video display board: $8 million Stadium Renovations to seat 90,000: $150 million Ridiculously long housing waiting list & bloated tuition: Priceless Texas-sized viewing — Longhorns' new Jumbotron is… more »

This is Homework ... no, really, it is.

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So ... the last time I mentioned my Fall classes was this post that was actually about my summer grades. Well, I've now been a week & a half of classes (the semester started on Thursday, to compensate for Turkey Day & ends on a Monday to… more »

My electric bill made me giddy...

Enviromentality 1 feedback »
No, really. Let me set the scene. A while back, my old electric company (Entergy) sent me a letter saying they had sold me. They were getting out of Texas. Maybe they were democrats or something. Anyway, they told me the name of the new company &… more »
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