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Happy Halloween!

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some jack-o-lanterns from a couple years ago more »

Not so Mute MySpace...

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Damnit ... it doesn't work. Figures. more »


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Sometimes my iPod comes up with the strangest combinations of songs when it's shuffling. This particular combo is almost like 2 sides to a coin, or as Phil Collins might say, Both Sides of the Story. First it played Toby Lightman's "Devils and Angels"… more »

Mute MySpace...

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Woohoo! No more annoying music for me! I just found a handy setting, buried under your Account Settings there's a new Music Settings section that allows you to control the auto play on profiles. You can make yours not automatically play, and can also… more »

Good thing I stay up too late...

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One of my neighbors came down and rang my doorbell. I opened the door & she came in before I even had the door all the way open. It turns out she just got home from work (she's a bartender) & was in having an argument with her boyfriend that… more »

Make Love, Not Warcraft

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Craig told me about this episode of South Park. After seeing the little intro, I might actually have to buy it. :-) South Park - Make Love, Not Warcraft on more »

Something So Right

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Listened to this on the way home tonite. The Annie Lennox version from Medusa. Yet another song that could be about me ... especially the last 2 verses & the chorus. & it's pretty appropriate lately too. Something So Right Lyrics & Music… more »
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