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Not So KoolIM...

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So, I've been getting these comment posts on my meebo related posts, so I looked into them a bit. It turns out they were posted from the same IP. Yet they had different 'names' & emails entered. Hmm ... sounds like organized spam to me. So I wrote… more »

Devout or Dangerous?

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I saw something interesting on the way to class tonite. On the left shoulder of George Bush Turnpike here in Dallas there was a car stopped. No biggie, there are breakdowns all the time. But it looked like there was someone in front of the car, not… more »

National Coming Out Day

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Today is National Coming Out Day, a day developed and publicized by the HRC to commemorate the march of 500,000 people on Washington, D.C. on October 11, 1987. This year's slogan is Talk About It. The HRC has a Talk About It screen saver and numerous… more »

This is new...

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I was wandering the Apple Store (it's a bad habit, I know) when I noticed this pop up. Kinda cool. I thought about trying it just to say hi & make sure it worked, but I thought better of it. more »
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