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Harry and his horse...

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I've been hearing about this play for quite sometime now, but these are the first official promo materials I've seen. Performances of Equus begin February 17th and it officially debuts February 27 at the Gielgud Theatre in London's West End and runs… more »

Another Workout Routine Update...

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Some further refinements. Today I decided I should ad something for my forearms too. So, I did some Wrist Curls & Reverse Wrist Curls. They are one of those excercises where you don't notice that they are working anything until the last set. As… more »

To quote LCR: "You won't believe what the Democrats are doing!"

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You see, there is this bill, that the Democrats want, called the Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2007. Personally I think it is a bad idea, especially with their desire to make all the illegals legal and be paid minimum wage, but that's beside the point. The… more »

They Start a bit early...

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So, this afternoon I was wandering OKCupid, answering questions (Yeah, I know, I'm an addict) and I see this flash banner at the top of the page. WTF?!?! Not even remotely available yet, nevermind in or out of stock. The phone isn't even FCC… more »

Prey is pretty cool...

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I don't usually like FPS games. Mainly cos I'm no good at them. But this one is pretty cool. It's sort of 3 dimensional. You get to play with gravity and walk on walls. It's also pretty disgusting. But at least there are a lot of guys running around in… more »

Routine Updates...

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Steve & I decided to make a change, since the torso & leg days are so out of balance. Since most of the Torso exercises work the arms anyway, the bicep/tricep exercises are going to the leg day. The leg day will also include some ab work. Legs… more »

Ever have the desire...

.Various 1 feedback » just liquidate assets & vanish? more »
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