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QoTD ? Thomas Jefferson

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Banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies. — Thomas Jefferson more »

Bristol Anyone?

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I'm selling some Bristol tickets on ebay for my Dad again this year. Anyone interested? Might be able to get you a deal on shipping. more »

Me want...

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This rocks. It's similar to the technology featured in Apple's iPhone. Only unrelated & on a much larger scale. I want it now. It's a demo by a company called Perceptive Pixel, a company founded by Jeff Han from the NYU Courant Institute of… more »

Progress Photo Journal...

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What James wants, James gets. Here are the beginnings of my Fitness Photo Journal sort of thing. Taken 29-Jan-2007 - please excuse the blur Taken 05-Feb-2007 The first set I tried without a flash (the glare on the mirror was terrible) holding the… more »

Gay Service Member Launches Free Blogging Platform

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE THE INTERNET ? Feb. 15 2007 ? An anonymous blogger known only as ?Anonymous Soldier? today launched a new website, Serving in Unsilence. Serving in Unsilence? is a free service aimed at the LGBT Service Member community… more »


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Sometimes I just have to listen to this song on repeat... NOTHING ELSE MATTERS So close no matter how far Couldn't be much more from the heart Forever trusting who we are And nothing else matters Never opened myself this way Life is ours, we… more »

Happy Darwin Day...

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A bit late ... but Happy Darwin Day anywho! Today is Charles Darwin's birthday. It's also Abraham Lincoln's birthday ... the same day & year apparently. So that was a good day for the human race, methinks. more »
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