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Fall Classes...

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Woohoo! I can take Computer Imaging (ATEC 2382) & Basic Interaction Design (ATEC 3363) concurrently. Computer Imaging is a prereq for Basic Interaction Design, & they are rarely offered as evening courses, but they are both being offered this… more »

Summer Classes...

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Registration approaches. And I can't decide which class to take. So, I thought I would solicit feedback via a little poll. The choices are: ARTS 3365DRAWINGMetz GTue/Thu 6:00p - 9:00p ARTS 3372COLOR PHOTOGRAPHYSTAFFTue 6:00p - 10:00p BA… more »

...the more things stay the same.

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From The Tejano Community, 1836-1900 by Arnoldo De León (p45): Víctor L. Ochoa in April 1891, spoke before an assemblage of 300 Mexicanos at Little Plaza in El Paso and called upon them to organize for self-protection. He urged his listeners to stand… more »


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I got my lab results back from my checkup a couple weeks ago. Would you believe I'm normal? That 131 is my cholesterol ... with a 59 for triglycerides & 39 for HDL. So no worries on the lipid front. Everything on the CMP (Comprehensive Metabolic… more »

Our Migrant Brothers

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Mayans to 'cleanse' Bush site via The Nowhere Man To be honest, I don't blame them. I would cleanse anything a politician visited as a matter of course. The part I found odd was the part about the reason for it. "That a person like (Bush) with the… more »


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I was down to 151 pounds this morning. I think that's the least I've weighed in a few years. more »


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This should be no suprise to anyone that knows me. My results in The Climatic Region Personality test... Tundra 75 rainfall, 33 winter temperatures, 33 summer temperatures (lower number = lower rainfall or temperatures)… more »
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