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  1. § Ray said on :

    You’re beginning to sound like an old fuddy-duddly like the rest of us.

    Hey! You kids get the hell off my lawn!!

  2. § Philippe Koss said on :

    You will find your way!

  3. § Maggie said on :

    Hang in there! And you can always come visit your friend in Virginia again. Now that she’s taking up a larger hunk of her biological footprint with the house.

  4. § Jeremy   said on :

    Hey my friend. Most of us go through life being lonely. Sadness and reflection seem to be a large part of life. I’ve always known you had emotion in there somewhere, like the rest of us. ;o) God bless you… Yes, I had to pass that on, even if you might have a blog in here somewhere that places you somewhere on the same level as him… Tisk tisk… :o) You are a large part of my life, and I’m grateful to call you a life long friend. Hope you know that… Even if I work too much, and can’t hire help!


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