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Zap! I guess this is why my A/C & Fans aren't working...

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This doesn't look so good. Yesterday morning when the storm rolled in I turned on the defogger cos as I drove into the cold front, my windshield fogged up. It didn't work so well, so I thought my A/C finally needed charging or something. This morning on… more »

What was I thinking? ;-)

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Maggie rides in the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Blue Ridge Chapter Tour de Vine every year and had been telling me about her training. She was kind of worried that because she was going on a cruise, she might not get enough riding in to be… more »


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I wish my parents had had this insurance ... ... the convertible might have been nice. more »

Almost forgot...

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I never thought I would be happy about Clarence being noisy when I get home, but last night I was. He was pretty vocal, telling me all about his day apparently. The first since before Friday. Seems like a pretty good sign to me! more »

Wow, just wow...

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I knew there was a reason that I continued to go out to Dr. Sanders @ Chase Oaks Animal Clinic in Plano (about 20 miles from me). When I went in Monday, he wanted me to keep him posted on Clarence's seizures (or lack there of). I called them earlier… more »

Looks like GM swung a sponsorship...

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Who'd-a-thunk they even had enough cash left for such a thing, but I guess the new Camaro launch was enough reason. I just watched the new "Exclusive" Transformers trailer over @ Yahoo (I was pointed that way by reading a little Penny Arcade news… more »

*Happy Dance*

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Speaking of Buddy (the loaner dog), his person, James, just came by to take him to the park or someplace & mentioned that he found a place. So, Buddy will be moving out June 2nd. He's a sweet dog, just a bit too rambunctious (he's half lab, half… more »
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