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Senator Clinton on Letterman...

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I caught some of Hillary on Dave’s show while I was doing my cardio tonight at the gym. She said something that I found rather amusing. This is from memory, so I probably won’t get it exact, but I think it’s pretty close. It was in… more »

DHL is Quick...

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August 29 2007 11:18 AM - Shipment delivered It was picked up in Sacramento @ 10:23 last night, hit Ohio @ 3:27am & left there by 4:40am. more »


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It’s even the correct device. I hope. Item descriptionStatusShip DateCarrierReturn Orig PartEst Due Date Adapter 85WPart Shipped28-Aug-2007DHLYes11-Sep-2007 more »

That's better...

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It will be interesting to see how long it takes to ship. Item descriptionStatusReturn Orig. Part 85W AdapterShipment pendingYes more »

Wow, they're quick...

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…too bad they’re wrong. Item descriptionStatusShip DateReturn Orig PartCarrier Adapter, MagSafe Airline, 20mm PortPart Shipped28-Aug-2007NoDHL I called & corrected the address & item, but the correction never showed up… more »


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So, I called Apple. Getting them to send out a replacement was pretty easy, except for a few little details… I spelled my street name for her, she still misspelled it entering it … no biggie, it would probably still arrive. Except that… more »

Double ARGH

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So, I go out to Plano, spend $80 on a new power adapter. When I get it home & try it, it makes a nasty sizzley noise. It works, but has a bad capacitor or really crappy solder joint or something. I wonder if Apple will buy me a new house when mine… more »
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