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Stupid Memphis

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This was writing while I was sitting on the plane in Indianapolis last week trying to return to Dallas. I was supposed to post it when I returned. Ooops Apparently the tower in Memphis was having radio issues, so my flight has to divert around Memphis… more »


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The brat did it again! At least this time he got the middle of the cord. It was hanging between the plug & the table & he got caught on it & decided to chew his way through. So, now I guess I have to buy one of these kits so I can convert… more »

BMI & BF% update

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Well, this time it was a 5 month interval. Here’s my new BMI & BF% info. DateBMIBF% 16-Sep-2007 20.5 14% 17-Apr-2007 21.7 16% 07-Dec-2006 22.7 19% 15-Apr-2006 22.5 20% more »

QoTD ? Will Rogers

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We can’t all be heroes because somebody has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by. — Will Rogers more »

Six years later...

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Yeah, I used this image last year, but I happen to like the image and symbolism… more »

Delayed Update...

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I meant to post all this earlier in the week, but I was a bit busy, & didn’t feel like it, so there. So, here’s a log of stuff between my last 2 entries…basically he kept teasing me with long gaps, so I kept putting off taking… more »

Brief Update.

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Clarence is back in the hospital. I took him in around 6. I’ll probably post more details later. more »
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