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Mii! Mii! Mii! Mii! Mii!

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I need some other people to exchange Wii numbers with me. I don’t have anyone on my parade. It makes me sad. & my Miis are lonely. So send me some digits! I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. (either in the comments, which I… more »


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It’s pretty fun! But my Wii Fitness Age is 70. Gonna have to work on that. So far I’ve tried out Golf, Bowling & Boxing. And the “Fitness Test” or course. And I made a Mii (which I tried to send to myself outside the Wii,… more »


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It’s here. FedEx is quick. And wireless. I already have an email saying it was delivered. I figured the reason it said Tuesday was because it would be the FedEx Home variety, you know, the trucks with the puppy, but it wasn’t. But now I… more »

Vacation ... I did it again.

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I left too much for the end again. [lightbox [2007 Holiday & Vacation Calendar]]2007 Holiday & Vacation Calendar[/lightbox] more »

Blue Decorations

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I was finally starting to put away Clarence’s carrier & stuff to make room for the Christmas tree, so I was a bit down to begin with. And would you believe that the first song to play off the Holiday playlist on my iPod was Blue Decorations by… more »

I was bad...

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Every year I tend to get myself a birthday / Christmas pressie. A couple years ago it was this. Well, this year… Any must have game recommendations? I’ve been prohibited from buying any from those in the know, but I can start making my… more »

QoTD ? Washington Irving

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Christmas is the season for kindling the fire of hospitality in the hall, the genial flame of charity in the heart. — Washington Irving more »
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