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Finally. All the comments are reposted as well. Thank goodness I’m a packrat. Now to go back up my databases. more »


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Well, the posts are caught up. Now I just need to reassemble the comments. Those should be a bit easier. I had to go to 3 different RSS readers to get the posts. more »

My suspicions were correct...

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When the support person commented that the last backup was 2 months ago, my first thought was that it was likely the backup they made for the migration to ThePlanet. I just got an email that confirmed it. It turns out it was really more like 3-4 months… more »


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So, apparently my host’s disaster recovery plan involves restoring a 2 month old backup. Yesterday morning @ ~7am my server went unresponsive, so they rebooted it. That’s not too abnormal. Unfortunately, one of the disk partitions was not… more »

Pretty spiffy...

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As unlikely as it seemed, WIRED’s source got it pretty dang close. It’s Thin Quite thin in fact. I wish my MacBook Pro was that thin. The tapered profile is nice, and will make it easier to use on a desk or something. It’s also… more »

Interesting Horoscope...

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Sagitarius Start interesting conversations and ask all the questions no one else dares to ask! I would never do anything like that. more »

It seems unlikely...

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But wouldn’t this be cool? more »
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