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I'm a pseudo-Uncle!

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Maggie had her baby. Caitlin Morgan I sent out a little text message to various folks to let them know … here are a few of their responses. Keep in mind they are all phone text messages. From my mother: Wtg From Jimbo: Cool! Congrats! From… more »

About damn time!

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This MacBook and MacBook Pro firmware update addresses an issue where the first key press may be ignored if the computer has been sitting idle. It also addresses some other issues. I’ve had this problem since I got my MBP. It’s about time… more »


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shirt.woot made some Valentine’s Day shirts, but even better, they made some Valentine’s. Both sweet and bitter. They’re kinda cute, I think I especially like the bitter superhero ones. more »

Frozen New York

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James posted this on Facebook. It’s a nice variation on the Flash Mob. more »


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It looks like the TT needs a new Alternator. There seems to be an epidemic of late. more »


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Wow. I think I might have a new favorite chocolate. I always liked Godiva truffles. They weren’t fabulous, but they were usually quite good and made a nice treat to get myself occasionally when I went to the mall. Well, this is fabulous. I got a… more »

Bob's House...

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And while I’m on the subject of Super Bowl ads, this one from Pepsi is pretty good too. more »
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