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QoTD ? Irish Saying

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May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light, may good luck pursue you each morning and night. — Irish Saying Happy St. Patrick’s Day! more »


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Happy 3.1415926… more »

We hire some bright ones, don't we?

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I ran across this on It seems a frequent traveller with a new MacBook Air missed his flight. Not because he was late, but because TSA thought the Air might be a “device” rather than being a real laptop. Don’t they watch TV? more »

More Speedtests...

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I’ve been having connection issues lately and I’ve been home sick the past couple days, so it has been really obvious. I called the cable guys & it looks like it may actually be my router. Right now I’m connected directly to my… more »

Green Terrorism...

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I was reading an article on the Time website about those houses that were burned in Washington. Despite its claims of green construction, area activists fought it, fearful that it would upset the delicate environmental balance in an area that contains… more »


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I had been wanting a Jawbone bluetooth headset. After seeing these films I think I want one even more. These are quite amusing… Sorry about the autoplay… more »


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Ray showed this to me. Too cool not to share… more »
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