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Friday the first ...

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Tonight we took a car down to Sheepshead Bay to Il Fornetto, a restaurant where a friend of Craig’s (Sergei) works. Not bad, though I think last night’s was better, especially for the price. It’s a nice view though. Perhaps tomorrow… more »


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By the way, Craig’s apartment is in some sort of intermittent T-Mobile coverage vortex. So, if I don’t answer phone calls & texts, that way. more »

A bit better ...

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I bought a pair of these: Not bad … only about $5 more than what they are at Amazon. And an umbrella. Of course as soon as I got back to Craig’s I actually almost tripped over an umbrella. Kicked it actually, it was sticking out from… more »

Grrrr ...

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*harrumph* So, it’s raining. & I have no umbrella. & Craig’s place seems to be in some sort of intermittent T-Mobile dead zone. And did I mention that somehow one of my shoes got lost out of my garment bag between here & Dallas?… more »

Thursday the first ...

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After getting to Newark International, I took the NJTransit train in to NYC & met Craig @ Penn Station. Then we took the 2/3 train to Brooklyn, hauling my too heavy bag further than I would have liked. Luckily he had his case from work which has… more »

On the Road Again ...

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…so to speak. AirTran Flight 103 from Dallas (DFW) to Atlanta (ATL) arrived a half hour early. We left on time for Newark (EWR) from Atlanta and arrived 22 minutes early. AirTran seems to be a pretty good airline, I think my only complaint is the… more »
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