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Grrr … more »


Geekdom, Diversions, Health+Fitness 1 feedback » paid off again. I’ve been tracking the Wii Fit on WiiAlerts for a while now. I have gotten a few alerts when I wasn’t able to get to it and they were for places like Toys R Us. This time I got the text while I was @ lunch,… more »

Jun-27: National HIV Testing Day

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Today in Human Sexuality we had a speaker from the Resource Center of Dallas, so I wandered over to their website during class & noticed that Friday is National HIV Testing Day and they are offering free testing from 9 am to 9 pm that day. more »

The Hive

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We noticed a month or 2 ago that I have a beehive developing in my backyard. The quantity of bees has grown significantly. They are really passive though, I can go right up to the hive with no problems. I haven’t tried to mow yet though.… more »

Horoscope ... not a bad idea.

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Toss out those old philosophies whose time has come and gone. Update your attitude. Perhaps I’ll toss out more than philosophies. more »
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