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Fall Schedule...

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For the stalkers out there… Fall 2008 Schedule ATEC-3317-5013D Modeling for Computer Animation Chi, Joo EunMon 7:00p - 9:45p AMS-3313-501Public RelationsNorris, MichaelWed 7:00p - 9:45p more »

Summer 2008 Grade

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Heheh … funny that I posted earlier that they weren’t there yet. I got an automated email about an hour & 40 minutes later saying they had been posted. Another A. Section Course Title Midterm Grade Final Grade… more »

eBay Playing Big Brother?

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I went to the eBay home page today, which I don’t do often. Usually I use MyeBay, or search, rather than browsing for things. When I went to the home page I was greeted by: Apparently, they advertise to you based on previous purchases, just like… more »

Post 24 hours...

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Just realized I haven’t posted since my lousy 24 hours. that streak lasted a little longer, but overall stuff has improved. I had the disappointment that Steve couldn’t come over that night, which would have been nice. But, my car was ready… more »

Rough 24 hours...

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It all started last night on the way home. The car told me I had 5 miles to go and I was about 2 miles from home & 3 different gas stations. Apparently it was wrong cos it died coming up to the Mockingbird & 75 intersection. AAA was there in 45… more »

Who shall volunteer to succumb to the addiction?

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I want a Zhevra. The other perks are pretty nice too. But really it’s all about the Zhevra. So, seriously, if anyone has been considering playing World of Warcraft, let me know & I’ll send you the demo info. Pretty please?!? more »

Huge update...

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The first iPhone 2.0 software update is out (2.0.1). And it’s huge. No, really, for a phone OS this thing is gigantic. See for yourself: & that’s a compressed archive I would think. Anyway, it’s “Updating iPhone… more »
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