Archives for: October 2008

No Internet for ME!

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Grrr. I came home from class last night to no internet. Went into the front room & looked @ the modem, I was about to reset it when I remembered that when I glanced at the side of the house when I got home, something was missing. While clearing… more »


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This was my view out the bathroom window this morning… I felt a bit like Arthur Dent. more »

A bit surreal...

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It’s a bit surreal to see a house disassembled next to your own. Especially when you catch glimpses of other things that you cannot usually see through it. Very odd. more »


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Not bad … only took them a bit over an hour. more »

Grrr ...

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Please excuse the errors. There seems to be a problem with access to /tmp on my server. Only mildly frustrating. At least it’s not the blog database. The site that Jeremy built for his VOIP joint venture is busted too. more »

3D Modeling - Toy Car

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This one we turned in for week 6, then she had us refine it for week 7. Here is the week 7 version… As usual, click on the image to see bigger versions. more »


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I was just looking up my repair status online & my phone rang. ‘Twas a number I didn’t recognize, but local, so I decided to actually answer. It was the Knox Street Apple Store. Laptop’s done. Apparently they do actually do the… more »
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