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I spent a bit of time last night ripping CDs (I’m up to P) and scanning them into Delicious Library. It has a web publishing feature. Once I figured out it would work better if I published it locally & uploaded it manually, it turned out… more »

What makes them think this is green?

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You pick a tree, we plant one that’s The Home Depot’s environmentally responsible approach to Christmas trees. When you buy a tree from your local The Home Depot store, you’re doing your part to manage woodlots for the future.… more »

3D Modeling - XBOX 360 Controller

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Another 2 week project. I finally got around to rendering some detail shots for this one. As usual, click on the image to see bigger versions. There are some pretty cool detail shots in the Gallery. more »

The worst financial crisis in a century?

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Not yet, Mr. Obama. I was just finally listening to his acceptance speech. For someone who claims to have studied history he seems to have forgotten the Depression. Last I checked, a century is 100 years. My history is a bit rusty, but I’m pretty… more »

439 is my lucky number...

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Or at least my voter number, so to speak. Mine was the 439th ballot cast at my polling place a bit before 11 am. Amazing what the presidential race does for turnout. At the same time last year I was #174. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of… more »

Eat @ Chili's today!

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For those of you in Dallas & McKinney who eat @ Chili’s from time to time, today would be a good day to go. Print out this flyer & take it with you to the Knox St. Chili’s in Dallas or the Custer Rd. Chili’s in McKinney. 10% of… more »
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