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Grindr. (stupd web2.0 nams)

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So, this has been all over the gay web (I actually can’t remember where I saw it first) and of course I downloaded as soon as I saw it. Grindr is basically a location aware social networking app for gay, bi & curious men. Sort of. It is a bit… more »

The joy of a grandfathered account...

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Wow … I forgot how good of a deal I was getting. I got an email from Netflix today that they were increasing the charge for the Blu-ray plan for most Netflix plans. It will vary by plan, based on how many you can have out at a time, in my case… more »

Give 5

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I’ve always been a fan of the work the United Way does. I even volunteered with them reviewing grant proposals back before I went back to school. Take their advice, Give 5. more »

OK, you're crazy...

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Or perhaps just stupid. At a minimum naive. I read this article about the latest Psystar Mac clone over @ gaygadget the other day and it set me off a bit. Particularly this part: For real, call us crazy but what is so awful for Apple to allow another… more »

Onsite oil reuse...

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I ran across this a while ago. This could put a crimp in the style of those folks that gather waste veggie oil to use in their diesels. The Vegawatt is intended to use the WVO produced by a restaurant onsite to produce power and hot water. They make it… more »

Washing Machine repair?

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Does anyone know a decent in home washing machine repair person? It’s a simple device, but I don’t have the time or inclination to fix it myself. more »
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