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Dallas Propositions 1 & 2.

Politics 2 feedbacks »
Anyone that knows much about be can probably guess where I stand on these, and I was pretty sure I knew before even reading them. But, to make sure I wasn’t getting caught up in all the hype & the steaming shovelfuls of crap that both sides… more »

Fall 2009 Schedule...

Edumacation 1 feedback »
This will be a very ATEC term … and a very looooong Wednesday. Fall 2009 Schedule ATEC-3361-001Internet StudioStaffWed 4:00p - 6:45p ATEC-3327-501Digital Lighting & Texturing for Computer AnimationStaffWed 7:00p - 9:45p So that means… more »

195 days later...

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It’s been 195 days since I used Wii Fit. Shame on me. The balance board forgot my name. But for the good news, my Wii Fit age was 30. Yippee! I seem to be wel balanced today. I just set a new record on Warrior Pose as well. Tree wasn’t… more »

The correct answer...

Queeriosities, Politics 5 feedbacks »
I heard about this on my way in to work this morning & found it interesting. The executive summary is that Perez Hilton was a panelist for the Miss USA pageant this year and asked Miss California the following:Vermont recently became the 4th State… more »

Smokin' Prius?

Enviromentality 1 feedback »
On my way to work this morning I saw a guy in a Prius with the windows down (there goes that slippery shape) lighting up a cigarette (do they even have ashtrays?). It just seemed incongruous to me. For a couple possible reasons. If he bought the… more »


Geekdom 2 feedbacks »
So, I decided to go for it and get the MacHeist 3 bundle. I had been wanting World of Goo since I played it over @ Ray’s. & iSale is a pretty good app, but I never wanted to pay $40 for it. PhoneView looked pretty handy too. So, I am probably… more »
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