Archives for: May 2009

Flatbed update...

Automotivity 2 feedbacks »
I forgot to do an update yesterday. Even though it started yesterday morning, I decided to flatbed it to the dealer just incase it died on the way. Well, I guess I should have called first. Even though no one ever answers. They don’t have the part… more »

Ain't it purdy?

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The lily bloomed, so I grabbed a shot. This is the first photo I’ve messed with (adjusted, cropped, etc) out of the new camera. The others, I just shot & uploaded. more »

Flatbed Club ... again.

Automotivity 4 feedbacks »
Got back to the car after dinner & it wouldn’t start. It would just turn & turn but not catch, like it was getting no fuel. First thought, cam position sensor. I waited around for the flatbed, wandering Snider Plaza for a bit. When he got… more »

My first Rebellious "roll"

Photography 1 feedback »
I got the new toy today and took a few shots before dark. The big lens is fun to play with. & the kit lens is way wider than I am used to. Which is good. These shots were just quickies for the most part, I need to play with it a lot more. I am… more »


Geekdom, Enviromentality, Health+Fitness 1 feedback »
So, I was using some of that pre-foamed soap from the new dispensers they just installed @ work today and realized something. That stuff may actually make you do a worse job of washing your hands. Previously, I would get my hands wet, and soap, rub them… more »

I wonder how I get on this list...

Geekdom, Enviromentality Send feedback »
Back in February there was an entry on the GoogleBlog about a cool new Google Gadget called Google PowerMeter. I thought it was pretty cool at the time, but didn’t think much of it, since I doubted it would make it this way for a while. But… more »

It will be mine!

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I just logged into a little bit ago as I tend to do randomly. I keep a few items I eventually want to buy in my cart, because they will tell you when the price goes down when you view your cart. I’ve had a Canon EOS Rebel T1i in my cart… more »
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