Archives for: June 2009

Midlife crisis...

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I just realized, I’m considering a station wagon for my midlife crisis car. I’ll turn 35 in November, & life expectancy for people born in 1974 was 72 years, but I’m male, so it’s probably a bit lower. So this year is time… more »


Automotivity Send feedback »
I decided Friday that I would go look at some cars this weekend. Since the TT is getting a bit tired in its old age, I was considering getting something under warranty for a daily driver. So, in the past 27 hours I have visited 3 car dealerships. I… more »

Why does this stuff always seem to line up?

Mentality 5 feedbacks »
I don’t tend to put a lot of stock in new age mumbo jumbo. But recently when I’ve been down or whatever, I’ve taken to checking my biorhythm. And somehow it always seems to line up. Peculiar. [lightbox… more »

For the Horde! ...or something...

Geekdom 1 feedback »
I need to go out & track down some of this stuff. I got my little WoW BattleBot pet from them though. Now to win an Alienware laptop. more »

Floats like a Buick, Stings like a School Bus

Automotivity 3 feedbacks »
While my car was having a sensor replaced I ended up with a Chevrolet Aveo LT rental. I was a bit surprised to find out that it wasn’t actually the base model. I was also a bit surprised to find the one I had specs out to about $15,745. It’s… more »
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