Archives for: March 2010

Half right...

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From my fortune cookie today: You have common sense and a lot of charm. more »


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37.7 mpg isn’t too bad for my first tank. I need to tweak a few habits I think, to bring that up a bit. I need to find a spot to put the smaller version of these over in the sidebar… So the Golf gets 62.5% more miles per gallon of… more »

The results...

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OK, here are the results of yesterday’s shopping & labor (click images to enbiggen)… [lightbox [The Street Garden]]The Street Garden:[/lightbox] [lightbox… more »

My hands are gonna fall off...

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On top of washing the cars today, I went to Home Depot & bought stuff to plant out front next to my driveway to replace the stuff that was torn out just as it was looking established when they redid the curbs on my street. This is what was there… more »

Got a bath...

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I gave the cars a bath & took a few pics. Mainly so I could update some forum signatures. [lightbox [2001 Audi TT + 2010 Golf TDI]][/lightbox] more »


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Not bad for my first real morning commute. I got 42.5mpg this morning (according to the car’s computer). And I wasn’t even really trying. more »

It's time...

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The Golf arrived at the dealer yesterday. So, last night I went to find out what the TT is worth (depressing). I think I’ll be picking up the Golf today, but I may also keep the TT. It depends on what Metro offers for it. more »
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