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  1. § Bobby Lewis   said on :
    4 stars

    What kind of painting do you do? I did oil paintings with my grandparents years ago.

  2. § Ian   said on :

    Let me know what backup solution you end up going with. I also plan to get a more robust offline backup solution in place this year. It is a little slapped together right now with stuff scattered. I’m thinking of doing a pay service so it is all in one place.

  3. § maxhedrm®   said on :

    Painting: So far just acrylic. I started with a class I had to take, but the stuff I did (that I finished) turned out nice. I think I probably only have one totally complete one though. :^)

    Backup: Well, right now I use Time Machine on my Mac, I’ve been trying to come up with a way to do an offsite copy of that, but there really isn’t one. I’ve also considered CrashPlan, since I have friends with fast internet. :^) It’s kind of a build-your-own-cloud sort of solution.

  4. § Ray said on :

    You could always combine #1 (off-site) and #8 (strengthening). Hard drives will be cheap again, and exchanging backup data is a good excuse for a weekly social visit.

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