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Unexpected sources...

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it's always interesting how often something relatively trivial leads to the discovery of something more important ... & not just in diagnoses. more »

Support LibriVox

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LibriVox: acoustical liberation of books in the public domain LibriVox is a pretty cool project that's been around since 2005. Basically, people volunteer and record chapters of books that are in the public domain. Like Project Gutenberg for audio book… more »


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There was this little article over on Lifehacker as part of there Top-10 called Top 10 Easy-to-Keep Resolutions for This New Year. It was a pretty decent list, so I thought I'd use it as a basis for my goals this year. Here's a summary of their list for… more »


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I ended 2011 by meeting new people & spending time with old & dear friends. I hope to continue it into 2012 (til the world ends of course). Happy New Year! more »

The Brothers Grimm on Blu-Ray

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I tried to watch The Brothers Grimm on Blu-Ray yesterday using the PlayStation 3. I got an error that the video could not be played. That was a first. My PlayStation is up to date & this is nowhere near a recent Blu-Ray. So, I tried to go to the… more »


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I saw this quite a while ago, but finally getting around to posting it… via clusterflock. more »


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So, BP burst a pipe, make a huge mess, is fined & has to pay for the cleanup. The L.A. Lakers win a game, their idiot fans make a huge mess. I think the Lakers should be subject to fines from the NBA and pay for the damage done. On top of any… more »
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