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Frozen New York

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James posted this on Facebook. It’s a nice variation on the Flash Mob. more »


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Wow. I think I might have a new favorite chocolate. I always liked Godiva truffles. They weren’t fabulous, but they were usually quite good and made a nice treat to get myself occasionally when I went to the mall. Well, this is fabulous. I got a… more »

Bob's House...

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And while I’m on the subject of Super Bowl ads, this one from Pepsi is pretty good too. more »

Interesting Horoscope...

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Sagitarius Start interesting conversations and ask all the questions no one else dares to ask! I would never do anything like that. more »

Happy Holidays!

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Happy Holidays! more »

Vacation ... I did it again.

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I left too much for the end again. [lightbox [2007 Holiday & Vacation Calendar]]2007 Holiday & Vacation Calendar[/lightbox] more »

First snow...

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…sorta. It’s melting instantly, & is mixed with sleety sprinkles, but it is technically snow. more »
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