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The correct answer...

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I heard about this on my way in to work this morning & found it interesting. The executive summary is that Perez Hilton was a panelist for the Miss USA pageant this year and asked Miss California the following:Vermont recently became the 4th State… more »

Grindr. (stupd web2.0 nams)

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So, this has been all over the gay web (I actually can’t remember where I saw it first) and of course I downloaded as soon as I saw it. Grindr is basically a location aware social networking app for gay, bi & curious men. Sort of. It is a bit… more »

Or not...

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Well, Steve doesn’t feel like going to the Fair Sunday, so perhaps my weekend won’t be as busy as I thought. unless someone else wants to go. At least I’ll have more time to get my homework done. more »

Gay Day @ the Fair! And then some...

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Looks like another busy weekend ahead… In reverse order, Sunday is the unofficial Gay Day at the State Fair of Texas. Oddly this is always on the Sunday after the TX/OU game. I guess because that usually falls on National Coming Out Day. So who… more »

Busy weekend...

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I’ve been being pestered for entries, so I figured I’d post a quick one while waiting in line for Superman Tower of Power @ Six Flags. This weekend is Pride Weekend in Dallas, so this is the unofficial Gay Day @ Six Flags. Steve and I… more »

Justin on the beach...

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Some that have perused some of my older entries may be aware of my slight crush on Justin Long. Well, Ferg remembered that & forwarded me this pic when he ran across it on a forum he’s on. He said “I know from reading your blog that you… more »

Jun-27: National HIV Testing Day

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Today in Human Sexuality we had a speaker from the Resource Center of Dallas, so I wandered over to their website during class & noticed that Friday is National HIV Testing Day and they are offering free testing from 9 am to 9 pm that day. more »
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