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The religious right offers to sacrifice their children...

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Good news today. The FDA approved Merck's Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, Gardasil. Even though they are the competition I'm glad it was approved since it was shown to be nearly 100 percent effective at preventing HPV in clinical trials. Not only… more »

Another thing I don't get...

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Call me kooky, but what good does it do to boycott an election? It sounds to me like it's a last ditch effort to sabotage an election you know you won't win anyway. For instance... The opposition boycott left Thaksin's ruling party uncontested in 278… more »

Radio host fired for oops...

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What a surprise. I was listening to Jerry Doyle's talk radio show tonite on my way home from work. Usually he annoys me, but once I heard a bit of the topic, I decided to keep listening. It turns out there was this radio host on a station in St. Louis… more »


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Just stumbled across an interesting blog. From his title & subtitle: Championable | Fatherhood, Parenting, Liberal Politics I'm a pro-choice, pro-gay, hetero Catholic father of 3. With hypomania. Interesting combination. And from what I've read,… more »

Smartfilter begone...

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It seems that Secure Computing's Smartfilter isn't so smart. I ran across this on WWdN in a post about a grilled cheese sandwich. So basically, it turns out that BoingBoing is blocked by Smartfilter which means that you can't get to it from several… more »

Save the Dragon!

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Damn Interstates! & Politicians. From the Smoky Mountain News: The interstate was proposed by Georgia?s congressmen as a way to improve commerce of their state and relieve congestion in Atlanta by allowing cross-country interstate traffic to… more »

You better not annoy me...

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...or I'll call the Police on you! Huh? Actually, as long as you tell me who you are, you can annoy me all you want. Just don't do it anonymously. At least that's what the new (well, new-ish, it passed in Sep-2005) Violence Against Women and… more »
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