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No Christmas for You...

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This is hysterical. I agree with it just about 100%, even though I'm a big ol' honkin' atheist. So I had to share. NO CHRISTMAS FOR YOU! more »

VEEP's iPod takes precedence over reporters...

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I came across this on iPodNN this evening. Apparently on a recent flight on Air Force Two, Vice President Dick Cheney's iPod was plugged into one of the plane's only working power outlets. This was to the frustration of the reporters on board that… more »

GM to Cut 30,000 Jobs ... Union Cries Foul

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So, is there anyone out there that is surprised? After this summer's employee pricing promotions, I know I'm not. Sure, they boosted short term sales & reduced inventory. However, it also caused a glut in used cars and probably pushed many people… more »

We Support...(revisited)

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I ran across this in my blog updates. Since the damn things seem to be multiplying, I think it's still appropriate - if not even more so. From the creator of more »

Embarrassment... (a clarification)

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Comment from: Chris · Why would we be embarrassed? We got up off our asses and worked really hard to try to defeat it. 11/09/05 @ 18:28 That is true, and that is something to be proud of. It is just a shame that the… more »


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*HARRUMPH* Not that I am surprised. A bit disappointed that the people of Texas are actually as bigoted as the rest of the nation thinks they are, but not surprised. One high point is that only 66.45% of my county voted for it, so we aren't quite as… more »

Letter to Dr. Laura - Why can't I own a Canadian?

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I'm sure everyone has probably read this, but it covers almost all the bases & does so hysterically... Letter to Dr. Laura - Why can't I own a Canadian? more »
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