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Pretty spiffy...

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As unlikely as it seemed, WIRED’s source got it pretty dang close. It’s Thin Quite thin in fact. I wish my MacBook Pro was that thin. The tapered profile is nice, and will make it easier to use on a desk or something. It’s also… more »

It seems unlikely...

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But wouldn’t this be cool? more »

Wired has seen the future, and I'm scared...

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It’s only a matter of time, don’t you think? more »

Two Obsessions in One!

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This is a bit late, I actually ran across this 29-Jun-2007, but forgot to blog it. In fiddingly with the new blog software, it makes old drafts a bit more obvious & I noticed it. So, anyway, here it is… A cool combination of a couple of my… more »


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I think I picked a skin. It wasn?t exactly done yet, but the creator was impressively quick to reply when I reported what I thought were bugs. Some were, some weren?t. It turns out that copying code from a forum introduced some pretty strange… more »

New Software for the New Year!

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I wandered over to b2evolution tonight and noticed they had released v2.3.0 which they are calling a release candidate. So, I decided to go for it. I think I was on 1.10.3 before. Of course this means I need to come up with a skin that I can tolerate,… more »

I think maybe I need a PS3...

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*drool* The trailers on the official site are even more impressive - YouTube’s video quality isn’t the greatest. The graphics are pretty amazing. more »
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