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KITT a Cobra?

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I guess I’m out of it, but I hadn’t even heard about the movie … or maybe it’s cos it’s a TV movie, ie potential pilot. Anyway, something seems not right about this. In the new Knight Rider TV movie, KITT (or whatever it… more »


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It’s pretty fun! But my Wii Fitness Age is 70. Gonna have to work on that. So far I’ve tried out Golf, Bowling & Boxing. And the “Fitness Test” or course. And I made a Mii (which I tried to send to myself outside the Wii,… more »


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It’s here. FedEx is quick. And wireless. I already have an email saying it was delivered. I figured the reason it said Tuesday was because it would be the FedEx Home variety, you know, the trucks with the puppy, but it wasn’t. But now I… more »

I was bad...

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Every year I tend to get myself a birthday / Christmas pressie. A couple years ago it was this. Well, this year… Any must have game recommendations? I’ve been prohibited from buying any from those in the know, but I can start making my… more »

If UTD's Geekiness Needed Reinforcement...

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From Facebook (links require login)… Top Books in the UT Dallas network. Harry Potter The Bible 1984 Ender’s Game To Kill A Mockingbird #2 is just evidence we’re in Texas. But 1, 3 & 4 tell a lot about the student body. more »


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The brat did it again! At least this time he got the middle of the cord. It was hanging between the plug & the table & he got caught on it & decided to chew his way through. So, now I guess I have to buy one of these kits so I can convert… more »

DHL is Quick...

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August 29 2007 11:18 AM - Shipment delivered It was picked up in Sacramento @ 10:23 last night, hit Ohio @ 3:27am & left there by 4:40am. more »
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