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Yeah, it actually is. I used to think that A Better Finder Rename was probably overkill. I mean all it does is rename files & folders right? How much value can that possibly add. That & it has a goofy name. Though I guess the goofy name worked,… more »

Quantum Box

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I thought this went well with this. more »

It's a good internet night...

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A coworker was just mentioning his test results for his new ISP (really a secondary ISP, since he has FIOS), Clear. He asked me what mine was getting for ping time & such, so I ran the tests again. About 10 times better than his for bandwidth… more »

Instantly hooked...

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A while ago this popped up over on LifeHacker (among other places)… So I told Netflix I had a PS3 & wanted to sign up. I got an email yesterday saying I would get my PS3 Instant Streaming disc today. Basically, you put in the special… more »

Why's he so angry?

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Shouldn’t he be enjoying that? Perhaps he would prefer a warlock. more »


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see more Lolcats more »

For the Horde! ...or something...

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I need to go out & track down some of this stuff. I got my little WoW BattleBot pet from them though. Now to win an Alienware laptop. more »
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