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So, I was using some of that pre-foamed soap from the new dispensers they just installed @ work today and realized something. That stuff may actually make you do a worse job of washing your hands. Previously, I would get my hands wet, and soap, rub them… more »

I wonder how I get on this list...

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Back in February there was an entry on the GoogleBlog about a cool new Google Gadget called Google PowerMeter. I thought it was pretty cool at the time, but didn’t think much of it, since I doubted it would make it this way for a while. But… more »


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My connection had been a bit crappy today, so I decided to run a speedtest, it had been a while since I ran one anyway. The results: Yuk. & you should have seen some attempts to other servers. So, I restarted everything. Results: Uhh …… more »

195 days later...

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It’s been 195 days since I used Wii Fit. Shame on me. The balance board forgot my name. But for the good news, my Wii Fit age was 30. Yippee! I seem to be wel balanced today. I just set a new record on Warrior Pose as well. Tree wasn’t… more »


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So, I decided to go for it and get the MacHeist 3 bundle. I had been wanting World of Goo since I played it over @ Ray’s. & iSale is a pretty good app, but I never wanted to pay $40 for it. PhoneView looked pretty handy too. So, I am probably… more »

Grindr. (stupd web2.0 nams)

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So, this has been all over the gay web (I actually can’t remember where I saw it first) and of course I downloaded as soon as I saw it. Grindr is basically a location aware social networking app for gay, bi & curious men. Sort of. It is a bit… more »

OK, you're crazy...

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Or perhaps just stupid. At a minimum naive. I read this article about the latest Psystar Mac clone over @ gaygadget the other day and it set me off a bit. Particularly this part: For real, call us crazy but what is so awful for Apple to allow another… more »
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