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QotD - Ken Olson (1977)

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Never say never... There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home. -- Ken Olson, President, Digital Equipment Corp., 1977 more »

M.C. Hawking revisited...

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Ok...I had some iTunes Gift Certificate cash to spend, so I finally bought it. It is still very wrong, but I can attest that the songs are funny as hell. It's an excellent parody of 'gangsta rap' & how stupid it is. However, outside being a parody… more »

WooHoo! My 1st winning cap!

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That is all. more »

Life Imitates Art...or at least video games...

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I saw this press release from Pioneer & couldn't help but notice the similarity, so I had to pass it on... Life: Art: PIONEER/5-AXIS/SCION xB The Urbs: Sims in the City more »

M.C. Hawking?

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Ok...this is wrong. Very wrong. Funny as hell too though... A Brief History of Rhyme - MC Hawking's Greatest Hits Brief History of Rhyme - MC Hawking's Greatest Hits more »
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