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Call for Meeses...

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Well, only one. I want a new mobile wireless mouse to have in my laptop bag. The one I have now is from work & too thick. The requirements are (roughly in order of priority): A scrollwheel thingy that works as a center button (I was looking @ the… more »

Spring 2009 Schedule...

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This will be a geeky term… Spring 2009 Schedule CS-3335-501C and C++StaffMon & Wed 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm ATEC-3365-501Virtual EnvironmentsSmith, RThur 7:00p - 9:45p Virtual Environments was the class I had to drop last spring because I… more »

Fall 2008 Grades

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My 3D Modelling grade is up. A+ Section Course Title Midterm Grade Final Grade Earned Hours Points GPA ATEC-3317-501 3D Modeling for Computer Animation C+ A+ 3.00 12.00 4.00 My… more »


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I spent a bit of time last night ripping CDs (I’m up to P) and scanning them into Delicious Library. It has a web publishing feature. Once I figured out it would work better if I published it locally & uploaded it manually, it turned out… more »

3D Modeling - XBOX 360 Controller

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Another 2 week project. I finally got around to rendering some detail shots for this one. As usual, click on the image to see bigger versions. There are some pretty cool detail shots in the Gallery. more »

No Internet for ME!

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Grrr. I came home from class last night to no internet. Went into the front room & looked @ the modem, I was about to reset it when I remembered that when I glanced at the side of the house when I got home, something was missing. While clearing… more »

3D Modeling - Toy Car

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This one we turned in for week 6, then she had us refine it for week 7. Here is the week 7 version… As usual, click on the image to see bigger versions. more »
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