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I was just looking up my repair status online & my phone rang. ‘Twas a number I didn’t recognize, but local, so I decided to actually answer. It was the Knox Street Apple Store. Laptop’s done. Apparently they do actually do the… more »

So far, so good...

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[lightbox [MBP Repair Status]][/lightbox] more »

Good news!

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It looks like my MacBook Pro dying may work out ok after all. At first I was looking at it as an upgrade opportunity (not that I can afford a new laptop at the moment) since there is an Apple Event scheduled for next Tuesday. But, this is much… more »

3D Modeling - 2nd Radio

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Week 5’s homework… I decided on the white background. more »

3D Modeling - 1st Radio

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Week 4’s homework… Hmmm … not sure if I prefer the white or black background. more »

eBay Playing Big Brother?

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I went to the eBay home page today, which I don’t do often. Usually I use MyeBay, or search, rather than browsing for things. When I went to the home page I was greeted by: Apparently, they advertise to you based on previous purchases, just like… more »

Rough 24 hours...

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It all started last night on the way home. The car told me I had 5 miles to go and I was about 2 miles from home & 3 different gas stations. Apparently it was wrong cos it died coming up to the Mockingbird & 75 intersection. AAA was there in 45… more »
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